Reviews for "Untouchable"

Simply amazing. It's very addicting and the design is pretty cool. Terminator reference is awesome too.

Very challenging i like it

The game is good and all but the upgrades either don't do anything or disappear before u can get them, also enemy's keep spawning outside the map making it impossible to proceed in the game without restarting and losing all progress, add a save function after each level or something

hch2 responds:

the upgrades all do something. the first 3 upgrades you collect improve your weapon, the next gives you a shield and subsequent ones replenish energy. All upgrades are definitely collectible - catching them before they disappear is part of the challenge. A few enemies spawn outside the screen but will all eventually enter the arena. There is no save function - it's an arcade shooter.

love the game

I thought this was a very nice game! The coolest part about it was probably how well everything was set up. You got a great sense that you were in a world with a lot of enemies coming after you. What's also amazing is how there are so many good designs in this, yet it isn't very complicated. I will say that I am very annoyed when you get to that one boss who seals you in a room with nothing with himself in it. He doesn't automatically kill you, but always hits you there.

The music was also good and it gave off a good sense of being in a technological world. You just never knew what was going to come up next in this. It was quite fast paced, so after awhile, you just have to make sure not to get hit. It seems like you practically go into the blasts, they're so easy to hit! It's a good game.