Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

I like it I know you did not write this or you made it for a joke as always the animation is great and I can't belive people are calling her toadstool last time she was called that I think it was when I was watching Super Mario Bros super show when It was syndicated across fox kids lols anyway keep up the good work

hey jonbro hows it gojng long time no see! nice little toon
very fun stuff

ps. i finished watching the movie and saw my username in the thank you list :D
which is weird because ive been disconnected from the newgrounds community for a very long time. this is the first time i visit in YEARS.

JonBro responds:

Well, what fun timing! We talked about this movie a while back (probably about two years ago now), and you gave me an idea for a visual gag. Whether or not you gave me the idea directly, I don't remember, but that's why you're there.

It's pretty funny. you would've gotten a five if the voice used wasnt so annoying XD

i want to say it was an hours worth of stuff but they talked so fast and it probally was only like a minute or 2