Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Very funny,my favorite part is kirby stuck to the wall and kirby throw wario


I've watched a lot and I mean a LOT of video game parodies in my time and by far this is the funniest one I've ever seen because it doesn't try too hard to be funny and takes a more laid back approach. I love how you let the 2 characters just bounce off each other lol.

My current personal Flash on Newgrounds. Kudos to you JonBro :)

And I thought Full Life Consequences was silly

Makes me wonder why the hell there aren't any more parody animations of bad fan fics such as these? Oh man I get a kick out of this every single time I watch it. Speaking of Full Life Consequences it would be great to see how that would be animated. Ah then again maybe not. Still it's a funny watch

LOL this is precisely why I don't like crossovers... this was way funnier than I anticipated!

"By Daniel Something"
"Twelve maxim... tomatoes... and three... pep drinks... just for... storage... ... I dunno"
"What are you going to ask me next what is candy?" *silly face*
"Ands knock out Dedede (although he was asleep)"
"And damaged Wario" (-1 damage)
"He managed to fly across most of the water then Yoshi left" (Yoshi skeleton)

I can't decide which part is my favorite... XD