Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

i like the part when they had a big lunch with luigi and princess toadstool THE END

Just letting you know, someone's copied this onto their own YouTube account. Just search on Youtube, "Mario Meets Kirby." He's given absolutely no credit to you, and basically just saying "Credit goes to Daniel!"

So, uh, just so you know. He didn't even do a very good job, leaving his cursor over the video the whole time.

JonBro responds:

It already has 94,000 views so I don't know if my comment will have much impact, but I appreciate your telling me this, and I left a few words of advice on the video.

Goodness, and now that I've searched for "Mario Meets Kirby" on YouTube, it seems at least one other person made the mistake of crediting Daniel Ruchames for the animation. Usually I don't mind if people reupload my Flash movies to YouTube, because it's not like I've really made money from them that they're taking away, and the reuploads mean more publicity for me. But when people don't give credit where its due and there's a loss of quality, that's a slightly different story...

omg lol and i love the part when your like a retard saying the end


I almost peed about 5 times, and actually peed about 3 times. 5/5

JonBro responds:

Eewwww grooosss. (I've been there, too.) Glad you enjoyed it :P