Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Fun & entertaining! You have my full Vote! :D
-Could work on youre animation a little bit, other then that, Great.

JonBro responds:

I made most of this movie about two years ago. I don't plan on using that as an excuse for the animation, but I have improved since I made this. Thanks for the input!

iv always wanted to know how mario ends and i thank you :)

This was really creative and funny, you have great narrating skills as well. The animation was good and smooth, the audio was very clear though i think you should have got a friend to do some of the voices other than just you.

Favorited? YES.

I though it was good and nicely animated, but I do feel that the writing was poor for it. It felt as if you guys only had to work with what you got and couldn't improve it. The voice acting suited it to save it (and I would like to know who voiced it), but I didn't get why it was so fast paced. I'm guessing it was how the original story was and you guys are just reusing.

I don't know. I don't play Mario much. I'm just a koala.

(I did enjoy the voice acting though. Kudos for that!)

JonBro responds:

Well, the idea behind this movie is that I narrated a very badly written fan fiction I found online somewhere and animated it just to show how nonsensical it is. The narration and animation were both done by me, but I guess I forgot to credit myself for the narration, so that could certainly be fixed. Thanks for the review :)

Pretty funny and interesting . Good job!