Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

BWAHAHAHAHA! That was the best text mario/Kirby crossover ever! Even if I never actually read the text part! It had just enough spontaneous randomness in it to make it hilarious, especially the way it skimmed over several details. The best part is that if you filled in the details, this could TOTALLY be a Kirby game!

I like it I know you did not write this or you made it for a joke as always the animation is great and I can't belive people are calling her toadstool last time she was called that I think it was when I was watching Super Mario Bros super show when It was syndicated across fox kids lols anyway keep up the good work

Hey, you know, that's pretty funny! BTW, did you take a breath, like, at all?

its ok

Oh god this was so terrible it was genius. Its like Doom: Repurcussions of Evil.