Reviews for "Mario Meets Kirby"

Ugh.... please, people, read the full description on the launch screen: this is a literal interpretation of an existing fanfic. They even give you the URL. If you were so Siskel and Ebert of flash you would've made sure you had your ducks in a row before rattling your cockbeaters.

lo what the fuck just happened, i understand you were making fun of fanfiction but seriously i couldnt make anything out of the story and the narrator was just hurling words at me

dont get me wrong, the animation is awesome and fun, i know you wanted to make something hilarious out of a shitty fanfic but seriously i couldnt even...

dayoo0: It's a parody on fan crossover stories, rather then a parody on Mario and Kirby ;P

Either way, I liked it. Funny to watch and sums up most crossover stories in 5 mins! xD Good job! Keep it up!

I love this! It's so hilarious and random. For some reason it kinda reminds me of Half Life Full Life Consequences.

I truley enjoyed this