Reviews for "Sift Heads - Street Wars "

It's a bit different from the usual games, but it's pretty good

The 3D enviorment kinda spoils the game's climate. For me The game was MUCH better without 3D elements. shooting is very annoying, try to making shooting events in 2D like previous one's. Also there should be some sort of arrow leading to the destination point, because I spent waaaaaaaay to much time walking around the streets looking for informant's. I really like the story. I hope you will still make games in 2D while making this multiplayer game but you know, in Poland we use to say "Hope is mother of fools"

My favorite series of games except for Age of War. Vinnie is a beast!

Good enough. :D

i would give it a 5 if there was a way to recharge health but for now it gets 2.5 cool game though