Reviews for "New York Shark"

Medals are not unlocking. Fun game though.

Jaws has nothing on this shark. >:D
This game had me laughing so hard I couldn't see the keys straight!
Oh and I liked the meteor cliff hanger.
I hope to see a Mars Shark in the near future. ;D

Incredible. Astonishing. Hilarious. Magnificent.
These words explain what this game made me feel. Simple controls, and alot of interactive destruction. Sometimes these two factos don't mix well, but you have made one helluva an exception!

Very fun indeed, but the medals DON'T UNLOCK. It may be funny but NO PLANES EVER SHOW UP FOR ME.

It was Awsome But some medals are not unlocking for some reason and I had a glitch where I was pulling down a plane and when it crashed it stayed as a close up and I could not see the shark