Reviews for "Last Robot 2"


>Nearing the top
>Final jump

Clean, simple, great UI. I wish that more levels were available.

One area of improvement would be a "slow down" effect upgrade, similar to what happens when you slide between two rockets. Some of the jumps happen too quickly for a player to react. (e.g. sudden double/triple bounces

pretty easy, not all upgrades are needed, I'm a fan of upgrading games so not being able to utilize them all was a bit disappointing. there are some buggy platforms, some of of them make the player fall through when jumped on.
other than that, it was good. reminded me of Doodle Jump, one of my favorite iOs games.

nice game i love it! the art is great, the music i don't know... (i am listening to my own music)

nice game! i like music and ART