Reviews for "Last Robot 2"

victory and i never even bought a costume what do those do anyway

Fun game but my only problem with this game is that the medals are not working.

elmortem responds:

Medals are working, but something very strange. All indications are that this is a bug Newgrounds. ):

This was a pretty good game, i like the fresh feel and smooth element you brought into this that was anice addition, I love the world you created for this though, The game was hard at times maybe thats an area you can make it easier for users and such, The game was fun and i like all the medals you should think about adding moremedal options though, So while i liked this flash there are some good and bad about it, i went over it abit but have suggested some more ideas below hope it helps, its not major but could use more of the effort on little stuff here and there, anyways hope it helps as this was actually a pretty good flash. So anyways good luck on your next piece i really enjoyed this though. Hope to see more of your work soon.

There are some improvments that could be made, here are a few suggestions, some effort on your side will only make this even better. So give these options a try, Such as some easier options for players, and some more detail in the graphics and art.

So overall this was actually a pretty good flash, there were a few things that could be better as suggested above, but overall it was pretty good,

This was a good game. I think its strongest point was probably how it had such a jumpy attitude to it. You got a really good sense that you were off in a fun world where reality didn't apply. Unfortunately, I am not very good at this game. It could probably have also been detailed a little better, but it's still worth checking out. I might come back and get all the upgrades someday.

I like how it's a game that moves so smoothingly along. You get a great sense that you're gliding through everything so well. It seems fairly easy at first, but not when you get to the bits with the clouds that disappear when you jump on them. It's fun to see how many different upgrades there are. The design's pretty good overall.

Sheet, man! The game is really good, but medals don't work!! I have earned all of them and now it shows me I have nothing! Fix it, please, and PM me.

elmortem responds: