Reviews for "Zombies, Inc."

I generally don't play games on Newgrounds for very long considering that many of them are a little boring after a while. This was not the case with this game. Great job man! Just one problem though, it seemed that the add zombies to army + and - were a little slow. I mean, I know that the thing will speed up if you hold it long enough but I found myself clicking as rapidly as I could because of the time it takes to reach the fastest speed of adding or removing zombies. Just a small problem, though. Doesn't take away from the game. Nonetheless, good job.

What a great game, however i got stopped by a glitch. I was around 30 days and had 1.3 million. Then i just notice i wasnt getting no more income. Next day came, i paid all my useless zombies and i still wasnt getting any. Game over for me.
Other then that, i really have enjoyed this awesome zombie sim game (:

Hey guyz while i was playing this game i saw this message "A Human took a arrow to the knee" GOOD GAME! 5/5

Was pretty fun. Totally bad at it and lost real fast. But nice graphics and sound. I liek these type of games.

very epic five stars but i dont like the prices of the upgrades but i love it ;)