Reviews for "Zombies, Inc."

Feels like a real business! For all you having trouble: start cautious, strike fast! Your revenue is based on zombies (aka consumers, old joke) - in a business, you need to build your client base fast, Think compounded returns on this one, the earlier you have clients, the more income in the long run you will have. Also, when you "upgrade" think about making the most of what you got before trying to add something new, and have you ever heard of a startup company upgrading their workforce without having the revenue to pay them? that's stupid.

AethosGames responds:

Thinking like a true businessman

I fucking lolled at the statement when you are attacking at a country.
it says: A human wanted to play Sonny but decided it wasn't worth it... ahahaha That human is me xD

anyway, loved it, 5/5


i like zombies!

Make it more graphic