Reviews for "Zombies, Inc."

amazing I took some time to play it. it is very good well done

Really solid game with a nice learning curve, although there were a few things I found hugely problematic.

Number one on my list is the random event that disables selling for two days. I mean, I know beating the game on hard mode is supposed to be tough, and even more so if I'm aiming for the 60 days medal. The problem is that reaching the latter goal is infuriating when you have to play very close to your chest with funds, especially when randomly, 40 minutes of gameplay is shot down completely. If I wasn't sado-masochistic, I would probably have a much bigger problem with the issue, but as is, it's just an annoyance.

Really fun overall, though. Good job.

Good but needs a little work, the conspet of a zombie Inc. is funny but need s little more polish for a diamond shine

amazing game love the graphics the levels were fun the caption thingies were funneh =3 hahaha (zombie tripped over his foot) but yeah haha you deserve this stars :D just amazing i am so addicted to it but im too scared to try hard mode i know i wont bet it XD but yeah easy and medium were beatable :D (note if you are having difficulty beating a level upgrade them by clicking under there names and take your time buy raising allot of money buy all four employes on every flour before upgrading more employees also before you do that upgrade everything except the more um the more employee ones because it will raise the salary hope this helps :D~)

i love this game probably my favorite online zombie game of all time! i love it all make another game please