Reviews for "Zombies, Inc."

Graphically, I like a lot of the choices you made, the zombies are very fun, and I can't wait to see them all. I also enjoy the music, however, I do not like the sound that the alerts make - it's a touch grating after the third one. Mechanically, I like the building of the army, the careful selection of troops as you head into a city to figure out the best way to kill the humans. I do not like how slowly revenue builds, nor the limited beginning income - It becomes incredibly difficult to manage funds after only a few days, and the diminishing returns from the Marketing department makes it very difficult to keep a steady cache of zombies for invasion. However, I do like the concept, and can see it going in a really fun direction, were it just a little easier to balance funds.

Really? 5 times in a row within 2 minutes, some "zombie housing accident" killed half my zombies. That's way too often. Plus, territories keep getting re captured way too often. Other than, it's a pretty solid game, but those issues are really annoying.

I really liked it until I played Normal and for some reason I stopped making money until I hit the negatives and lost. But I'm still giving it top scores

Good game and clean graphics. I think a variety of cutscenes (depending on the country) while overtaking would spice up the mood. The fact that when humans retake something and the pop-up immediately closes my army arrangement tab, can get really annoying and bothersome. There should atleast be an indication of some sort or a way to prevent a retake, maybe through sending a counter army or something. Still, good game and worth the time playing. Thanks :D

Cool game, but I had 75,000 and then it suddenly turned into -32,000. And then I got out of business because the day ends in 10 seconds. That's why I give 9/10 or 4.5/5.