Reviews for "Zombies, Inc."

Fun addicting game, a useful time spender

Gotta love a zombie

I absolutely love this submission, with the way that you've captured the elements and pushed even more ideas and such. So for me you have impressed, there may be some other ideas later but sofar you have impressed me and others im sure. This is very Acceptable A good and Divine flash, Maybe some Eliminating a few things here and there could make this one even better. I must say this game is pretty interesting its not simple by any means and brings alot to the table the graphics were pretty impressive aswell, and you offered lots of options in game and aswell as achievments, making this a fun and well detailed game i am very impressed. So now i come to the end of the review, And i dont want to drag on things about the game/ submission, but there are some things that could be cleaned up and fixed for the netter and even some improvments so hope this review has helped for a few ideas on making things betterm so take a look and maybe try one or two, anyways good luck in the future projects.

So after that was all done and said there is only fixing a few things, making some areas of the game better and why not with a few tips and ideas, it wont be too much as the flash was pretty ok on its own, but with alot of flash there is always something. But anyways hope the ideas to help in some way or another. A fewthings could always be improved such as making a larger view screen so you can show more of the little details within zombies and such, maybe showing a battle view from the "TOP VIEW" of when the zombies are in battle of a city and what not. Maybe even adding a more "VISABLE" upgrade button on the zombies upgrades the grey one seems hidden. those are just a few little things that could help and improve on this game.


Great game except for the problems you have with zombie reduction and the fact that increasing availability also increases price.

Very good all around. The only reason its not 5/5 is because if you don't buy an employee (I only used level 1 zombies) but you buy company expansion, your 2nd employee will cost $35000 at $2500 an hour. I'd change it to the respective upgrade shift. The first 4 employees are $500, next 4 are $5000, etc. I lost the game because I didn't buy my 4 research employees first, couldn't conquer, then went bankrupt.

love the game but a ittle too hard