Reviews for "Zombies, Inc."

sadly i cant give your game the full marks it deserves as there are still a few bugs which affect the re-playability. I went through your game myself a few days ago, completed it on hard then went to easy for achievements i missed. the first play-through was fun and worked almost perfectly on the second play-through however i didn't get any notifications for winning or losing battles, events that happened or territories taken back, the attack screen didn't even change to show me they had, only the sound went off to show events had happened. going back to the menu screen then continuing the game solved that problem.

Today i played this game with a friend, my friend completed it with no issues and once he finished i took it back off him to try and get that one last achievement however an event sound went off with no notifications and so i went to the menu and continued my game only to be on day 2 with a population of 3,700 and all of the army and territories that my friend had taken during his play through. a funny little glitch, but ruined the replay.

a great game overall and i would love to play a sequel, if not zombies possibly aliens or hyper advanced anthropomorphic animals :3

I like the spin on zombies and making it a business. Loved playing it.

10/10 ! I played it on Easy only, and this game is very entertaining. A sequel perhaps? Conquering Milky Way? :P

I don't know if this is something new, but parts of the game screen aren't actually on the screen. Plus there is no way to adjust the size of the screen. I couldn't even get past the tutorial because the button I needed to click was off the bottom of the screen. This is obviously an awesome game, but I can't give it a good rating if I can't even play it.

I enjoyed the game. Although it was kind of hard at first but once you get the 4th zombie and upgraded and that's it. Although the highscores board was kind of silly....