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Reviews for "Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie"

What the fuck was this?

Iznvm responds:

it's a flash cartoon that you watch on your computer or other internet accessible device. It was made with a trial version of flash cs5.5 that I downloaded 2 days ago. The project file size was about 50megs. I totaled about 8 hours working on this. I'm glad that I could answer your question to some extent.. I'm glad that you provided excellent constructive criticism and advice. I watched your flash movies and really hope that one day I can be as good as you are!

The animation and general idea was fine, but I find the voice acting really annoying. I know it's a style, but it sounds so much as if it was done without any kind of passion. I think that if there was some dedication, the movie would be much funnier. It's such a shame for this kind of movies.

Goku:Hey Ver-ge-ta!
Vegeta: :D
Me:Aw,he's acctullay smiling

The animation is good, but there wasn't any humor in the lines and the voice acting was bland. How they said "Vegeta" was completely unnecessary. In addition to that, the way Vegeta's face moved, as he talked, was a bit unsettling, along with Goku's. It'd be much better if you hadn't over exaggerated the faces and movements.

Good idea, not very good execution. Bad voice acting ruined it.