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Reviews for "Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie"

We have a Vegeta Fanboy in the house (SS4FlameAlchemist).
That aside, I laughed hard because Vegetas role as a "bad ass" was very short lived post Frieza saga. He was merely a plot device to provide fodder for filler episodes inbetween the real battles.

While I do agree that this joke fits Krillen a lot better, anyone who has seen the entire Z series can't argue that this is for the most part true, and the embellishment is what makes it funny.

All my 5 are belong to this.

Wow. really? do you even watch the series. He became a main character after he went super saiyan. Some situations ended up like this back when he was still technically a bad guy. That role fits Krillin a LOT more than vegeta.

Well anyway, the joke was stale, the dialogue was slow, but the animation was pretty decent.

Iznvm responds:

I've seen every episode literally 10s - 100s of times... I've seen the series start over from Raditz while waiting for a new saga to be dubbed back when they were on Toonami and watching them online beforehand wasn't an option because I either had no internet or dialup - OR there was no real technology to upload episodes on sites because there wasn't that kind of bandwidth for normal joes back then. This isn't meant to be a literal and perfectly accurate recreation of the series. It's exaggerated and a joke. Just like the reason that Cell is on Namek or never a real issue in any movie.
TL:DR Get over yourself

its funny because its so true lol and the whole flipin of.. i forget how to spell it... price less lol

Good message, pathetic Kakarot is always too busy reviving/healing/otherwise-slacking-a fter-Vegeta-saved-his-arse to save him, but the audio was worse than poor Veggie's plight.

It is pretty funny how he's usually depicted as an ultimate badass and yet gets his ass kicked more often than any other character.