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Reviews for "Vegeta In Every DBZ Movie"

DrachJator got trolled AHHAHAHA,

DBZ is about Goku, vegeta is the stuck up bastard rival kind of guy, that ends up in second place...forever. so i understand why this happens, in every episode, and every movie...and special.

Saw some mishaps in the animation, the voice acting wasn't that good, liked it nevertheless !

Leave the DBZ parodying to Team Four Star. This was weak as shit.

Iznvm responds:

Well darn tootin! I was gunna make a career out of it, but since a Sith Lord himself didn't like my stuff, I guess I'll stop altogether!

Was alright. Goku does take all the glory all the time.

It was too the point, I'm sure the voice acting was intentional, animation was slightly lacking, but nothing terrible. Good Job

vergeeta! man i wish i could link to facebook about this it is funny as shit