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Reviews for "Barbershop 2"

needs more interactivity

Hey there! First off, I am giving you a 5-star rating BECAUSE its easy. Yes, it's repetitive but that makes it easier for beginners and kids to play the game. Personally, I dislike hard games. If it's too hard, I don't wanna play it through. This, however, is PERFECT for those like me. And the game does challenge the player a little bit, with strategy (if a customer comes in for a drying and there's already a customer in the chair) and also to make that player do the tasks faster by increasing their own speed.

Overall? A pretty good game ^.^ GOOD JOB!! :)

i was expecting more hands on stuff atleast. not exactly entertaining but i guess it wastes some time.

This was a simple and entertaining game. I liked the jazz music, though like I do wish it was longer than a couple seconds. While I think we should have been able to choose the upgrades, I understand you were trying to make it challenging. But it wasn't, it was pretty easy the entire time. This is probably a good game for beginners or kids. Also, the thing that bothered me most was the color of the item in the speech bubble didn't match the chair colors. Kinda threw me off.

the reason i gave this game 1 star is becuse it is extremely repetative and i found the game boring.
sorry, the game just wasnt for me. :(