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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

I'll make this review short.

The narration was really high notch,The people who voiced the animals are great don't replace them.The story simple but adds fun & adventure to it.
Do continue with the series.

That my review on based on my opinion.
I'll favorite this in case I wish to watch this in the near future.

I really enjoyed the flash, but I think it would be better if the animals didn't talk. Teh voice worked really well with the narration in the opening, but it felt a little out of place when the animals started to speak. Just my opinion, great job.

It's an interesting story told from an interesting POV. The well rehearsed philosophy that we will eventually bring our own destruction upon us, is a nice and quick way of painting a background story.

I do however have a few issues with the characters becoming flat at times. You need to characterize them a bit further as your story evolves around story drive. None of the characters in this film stood on their own so you have to work on that.

Technically the artistic style is nice and lively with vibrant colours and the needed depth. You can however work some more on the animation of your characters and make them more fluid and integrated. It did feel a bit like pieces of cardboard cutouts moved on a background.

The sound needs some working too and tweaking in the channels. The forest needs to come out further and you need a broader sound picture to make the world come alive. Could also drop the music down a few notches to work a bit on sub level instead of up front.

I like this and it's a nice start to hopefully a good story. Keep working on your skills and story telling and I'm sure you'll make a splendid series :)

I like this animation for the most part. but... I don't agree with the beginning. the humans thing. Please don't take this the wrong way it's great! But I just believe that we will destroy ourselves. Also do you realize you are bashing yourself down by saying this? you are saying you and I and everyone (that is human) on earth is an evil, wrong, and malicious thing that will do anything to destroy the world each other and themselves. THAT is what I don't agree with. But the cartoon was very good otherwise.

On another note: I do believe humans (in general) are not making the best choices to keep the earth clean but we are not destroying ourselves. Please do not take this message offensively. good animating :)

It was great, the animation is smooth and the voice acting and lip syncing was just as good.

However, I have one suggestion, it needs sound effects. It doesn't seem like much but those little noises for whenever something happens like running or falling and hitting the ground or just anything in particular can give this so much more substance. Right now as smooth as it is, the whole thing feels a bit empty without any FX, it's like drinking coffee creamer without mixing it into coffee.