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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

nice just needs some work and bazam itss great
a little tree hugery the world was made for humans.

Was this series by any chance inspired by the novel series 'Warriors'? The flash is still good though with great art and interesting setting and story.

Apart from the dodgy story line and annoying intro. The art style and smooth flowing animation was fantastic. I stuck with it to the end only to be disappointed when the black cats voice actor revealed himself. The only voice actor more annoying and over used is Rina-chan. For the love of god, do not recruit her too. Keep up the good work; I'd love to follow a new series on Newgrounds again.

Good movie overall. It had good animation and the voice and sounds were good as well. I would love to see more into this series cause I am kind of interested of what happens next. Ty for taking the time for this good movie and uploading on here for us to see

Looks like a very clean, pure, sincere type of thing to me, i love the style and how friendly it felt while watching, thank you for this submission, it is very rich, and congratulations, i honestly hope you keep it up and continue the series if you can!!