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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

Bravo, this in itself was a great piece of work the only problem that i found with this was the begining voice actor. not the opening just the part with the white wolf when she howled it sounded a bit..fake?
but thats just a small detail the rest was wonderfull(almost got worried there was only 1 voice actor) XD but any way this was a great flash and it deserves my 5s

Well, It's sorta ok....Just like nexusX, I was distracted by something shiny...so i'm sorry I couldn't finish it....

It was pretty cool, the whole seemingly accurate idea of the humans, but the owl wasnt the proper animal for the character device, because i just see owls as merciless blunt and ingenious survivors, which clearly does not speak in that character one bit, but the fox was quite the success for the idea! good job, 3, 3.5/10 (maybe add more suspense and humor for that extra kick)

BOOOOR-ING! Wow.. seriously? Where is the blood, the violence, the mass merchandising?! I just don't understand this theme.

Lol at "No! No! Arroooo!" great voice acting!

Sadly I couldn't watch the whole thing, I saw something shiny, and had to go exploit it.

Very nice,entertaining,ya know. BUT the scene were elva was standing from sideview and the ground was face up.and i did not like how they walked.+ in the green background were zale was chasing the rodent, zale was running down up its really goes up down