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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

I love furries =D
Ok joke's over !

Very easy to offend human race once again...
But just think: freindship, love, compassion, selflessness, justice, mercy - these are all HUMANS' inventions. It is very easy to just discard our species, because of all the things we've made wrong and almost every thinking teenager does it. But hence you are a thinking teenager, just think - what would be left without us? Who, in your opinion, would pass all the values our culture gained throught ages? Animals? No. Those all values would be gone. And without human race ever coming to existance - non existant. We created everything you love. We created the world of principles that are so great, that almost everyone desires them to be present in their life.
Then why did we fail? The answer is simple: we gained the power to change the world, BUT we are still too ANIMALISTIC to use it. Instincts, the main cause of egocentrism and thoughtlessness, are the ones which combined with almost godlike powers - are responsible for this sad condition of our planet. Not lack of emotions - but emotions, especially those weakend we don't even know we have. They still influence our behavior - and they influence our greed, our cravings for power, resources, etc., etc. Emotions in their basic aspects are EGOCENTRIC. And that what happened with us and our planet is caused by LACK of cultural development, not too developed culture. TOO MANY uncontrolable acts drvien by emotions and TOO LESS actions driven by thinking and values.
I give this film 4, because it has a very good animation, nice voices and still it was made by 15-16 year old girl - that is just 'wow'! I don't like the message though - and I think the massage was the main reason you made this movie. Keep it up! Both in movie-making and in thinking, espceially when mature life hits you with all its power.

Definitely has room for improvement, but a very solid beginning.


I really enjoyed it, keep it going, you are doing a great job!

hope to see more animations like this from you in the future.

Not bad, I think you could improve it a lot with some small changes.

-Run cycles will go faster with fewer frames. When the fox is running away from the owl, remove half of the frames in the cycle and it'll look like he's going faster.
-Try bending the legs more when you're doing run cycles in profile. Don't be afraid to put some squash and stretch in there too, I know that a lot of squash and stretch can make things look cartoony, but without enough things will look a bit stiff.
-There might be a little too much dead space in there, try to remove some frames here and there to tighten it up on the whole! You'd be surprised, tighter timing can make a huge difference with the energy level on the whole.

Also... did that fox learn English from watching anime dubs? Hahaha sorry, it's just something about the inflection, feels like it has been localized!