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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

No puede estar tan bueno!!
Sorprendente trabajo, me encanto.
Solo puedo decir que las voces tienen que mejorarce un pokitito nada mas
It can be thi good!!
Amazing job, I just love it.
I just can say than the voices have to be imprubed just a tinny little bit

Reminds me of the Redwall animated series. I think the author is on to a good concept, at some point if there is enough material, Hikarian should send it to a publisher, it seems more than good enough to be made into a book series. As far as the flash itself went, the art and audio were fine, best part in my opinion was the narrator's voice.

Very good for a start. I like your storytelling abilities and it's got a lot of promise. The art is interesting, while it could do with a little work, I do find it quite charming and unusual. The animals in a apocalyptic world is an interesting concept; it's not been done that many times before, and it's interesting to see what is going to happen.

Perhaps work on the animation of the animals a little more; it's the little movements that make them believable as characters. For instance, when Zale ran past Elva, wouldn't Elva simply turn her head around, being an owl, rather than turn full circle? You can actually find a lot of help online these days; animated gifs work well for you to work off so you can see how a fox runs or an owl moves in certain situations. If you manage to get this down, your characters will have a lot more believability.

Good job though, and for all your time constraints and other factors, you've done well here. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

I thought it was pretty good but it would of been better if it was wolf instead of a fox.

omg ur amazing.
plz make more, u got yourself a fan