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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

It's not so bad.

I can't criticise your animation (because I'm not able to do thing like that) but I have at least one advice to give you : Your drawnstyle for your backgrounds is a bit weak. Your perspectives are wrong and the style doesn't fit with your characters.

It's a good start for a 16 year old, it's true, but think of what I said, I realy think you could do better.

Keep it up and practice

Not bad animation! Especially for your age! This is legit, very crisp animation, which is hard to find on NG next to Egoraptor and others following him!

The high quality is too much for my computer, though, I had to use low quality to avoid lag!
Some Audio was a tad off, but its not really that bad!

The story is nice and I was drawn to it like flies to sugar!

Did you get some inspiration from the author of the Warriors books? I haven't read any of them, but my brother is obsessed over them and has practically told me the whole story! And although I never read the books, it reminded me of a Legend of the Guardians - Warriors Mash Up!

All other comments aside, You should really think hard about going into animation in college! You have talent! Thats coming from a game designer!

Please make a story, and episodes, I will watch them!


I liked this, the animation was decent, the voice acting was nice, and so was the plot, it makes me look forward to more :)

Also, could it be a human awaken from a cryogenic chamber? seeing as buildings are still standing, this seems plausible.

You were not joking about file size! That took forever to load! First things first though, the animation style, I loved it! Very artsy, and I love the pastel colors! Second, the audio, not bad, nothing too special but on the whole very accurately done, any errors will fix themselves with repetition and...oohhhhhh mmyyyy....is the cat suppose to be George Takei? I won't lie though, I would not say no to seeing more of this, in fact I say a rather loud and obnoxious yes!

Really well done!