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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

Really awesome animation guys, I really love it. My favorite part was when the owl tilted it's head....I thought that was just the best because that's what they do!

Anyway, I can't wait to see more from you guys...

BTW, I can understand the comment about the beaks of the owl(s)...it could use a little bit more distinction from the rest of the face/body. But I still want to see more....can't wait.

I like the movement you def have good ideas but I am expecting more fun stuff. I'd love to see this as a game since this looks like it could really expand to something big. Love barn owls and its interesting to see a fox with an owl companion. I'm expecting a lot more improvement in animation however. The drawing looks fine though and very cute. But to make it the best, I want it to be very crystal clear images with very fluid and natural movement like the owl going o.o O.O and then tilting her head except it'd be a jerk like a bird would. But you def have a lot of things covered.

The beginning seems a bit...I dunno. I think it was a bit too long or too mellow. Then again, most western acting nowadays are stale and mellow and sounds like UHHHHHhhhhhhhh to me personally. It doesn't take much to act but it takes a lot of effort to sound silly like Jack Black. Like I always say, Kung Fu panda has better voice acting. Not saying yours stinks. But I think you should try to have the voices RLY RLY "BE" the characters and not just 'try' to act out. Being animals is rly fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed the world of Zale. Please make more!

dunno why people aren't giving you a 5, i've seen worse crap get 5s but this is great. keep it up guys

OMG Elva is so cute :D!!! but maybe try to give them color to their beaks, i was really confused at first,
but i could never acomplish a video animation, so you know your stuff, and please work on the backrounds a tiny bit

Nice style and good story telling, better than a lot of stuff that appears on newgrounds from someone as young as yourself.

Well done.