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Reviews for "Tales of Zale"

I enjoyed it, though I think that some of the voice work could be a little better, like the part with the white wolf. Otherwise its' a great start to a hopefully continuing series :)

Am I the only one whose browser nearly crashed while watching this? It was practically unwatchable. The animation kept freezing up.

the problem with humans is, we cant survive without upgrading our self with clothes, houses and so on, like the animals.

I would first off like to say I enjoyed watching this. The art is overall my favoret part about this flash as it is its own style and gives the viewer a certain 'feel' about the world you have introduced them into.

I enjoyed the intro, gives a nice calm background story into this new world. However, the art style of the intro was far too similar to the art style after it, thus making it a little confusing but no worries as you managed to clearly indicate that the background info was over with.

Something about the voice acting to me just didn't click well. I didn't feel all that emotion or similar and it seemed very monotone, but that could just be me.

I would like to encourage you to continue with this project of yours. You have done a good job and I am hoping for a sequel, or similar as it is a pilot. I eagerly await to see more! Till then, don't give up.

so ? what hapens next ?
when will the second part come ?