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Reviews for "Dear, Princess"

The message wasn't cleared at first but then I understood it, because I was like... I thought it was about love but you see a guy in one of the "seven Princes" and then I was like... infactuation maybe? Then I realize it was about THE Prince... which thanks to religion class as a child I remember that it meant Jesus Christ.

The art was simple yet very beautiful, which I liked (simple colors can be easy on the eyes and mind)

Voice acting, needs to be worked on a little it was all to quiet and it didn't had really much of an impact when speaking. I understand the voice has to be calm and not to emotional for this but it was really way to calm. Even if your voice is very smoothing it didn't help me picture the situation better.

Choice of music? Honestly I love every single Kingdom Hearts music... (my favorite game of all time btw) and I thought it fitted perfectly onto this.

So overall this is a 4/5, message was unclear at first and voice acting needs some improvements but the art style was beautiful.

Off-Topic: I'm surprised my account still works it's been like a year since I last logged on, so ya I logged on just to review this.

exninja123 responds:

wow, thanks! :)

Well, the purpose of the comments is to comment. Not to grovel about and say how much you loved it. Criticism can be negative in connotation, even if its constructive.

I did not like this. I have my reasons why, and I'll share them to help the author. I was not captivated or moved by the story. I found it gushy, cliche, and a tad boring. Of the course the sad, lonely, princess found a beautiful prince. It's fine to have a story like that, but I'd like to see a different course or take to it.

I understand, thanks of course to your EDIT about the subject of Jesus is the subject of the movie. I personally find most little anecdotes like that horrible and cheesy. The world doesn't work that way. When it does, that's a rare occurrence.

So, I'm still giving this a high score. Your animation was nicely done. It didn't lag, was sharp, and had fluid transition. I didn't see much of a problem with your voice acting. It wasn't sharp or concise. That seemed to add an air of innocence to the story. I guess you conveyed your message well enough, even though I didn't like it.

So, that's my input.

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)

eh, not bad... the problem was really mainly in your narration, it was winded and yet somehow a little lazy. the story wasn't bad but the way you told it made it go on a lot longer than needed

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the critique! :)

Really loved the animation style. It was smooth and well created. I would have given you 5 stars, but the introduction of religious symbolism made me see the animation in a whole different way- of which I liked a bit less than when I did not know it was a religious animation. Still, I thought it was a great animation overall.

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)

I've watched it with interested eyes. Perspectively speaking the love you talk about as one for god is a strange concept, as god askes for our love and then tosses tidal wave after tidal wave of emotional hell. I give you four stars, but i give it to you for the animation and knowing you've touched half the concept of Disillusioned and unconditional love for a being that most people refuse to believe exists.

I personally prefered this movie before it had a religious concept thrown into the story line. It has a good message, but are you sure that you can love something you cant hold or feel its own existence.

(Not trolling or flaming, just curious)

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)
just to answer, i believe in him because i have experienced the person of God (Christ)
to be truthful, i was very skeptical at many times, and i even thought to myself "what if i'm crazy"
but once you see God much bigger, you will see everything clearer and wiser.

hope you will find the truth my friend :D