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Reviews for "Dear, Princess"

The video was bearable, but only because of the quality of the animation. The story itself was disappointingly rough and frustratingly obvious at times; the constant narration (mainly because it pertained to the obvious, rather than the esoteric religious context of the story), was bland, vapid, and largely extraneous. The scene where the princess answers the door, because she noticed the knocking was coming from said door, should have been completely scrapped for being so painfully obvious; not to mention pointless if you already have the animation portraying all of this. Overall, the mildly aesthetic flash, in conjunction with the pitifully juvenile story, was mediocre at best.

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the review! :)

Well it's a fairly good representation of your faith, and I certainly can't begrudge you just because you're religious and are trying to tell people about it. However I do take issue with you saying this is about Jesus and NOT religion.

Why should Jesus be separated from religion? I feel like people do that in an attempt to say that Jesus is above religion. See there are thousands of religions out there and Christians don't want their religion to be lumped in with the rest because they want it known that their religion is special because it's the only one that's true. But everybody thinks their religion is true. Otherwise they'd have a different religion. So in the end this attitude that Jesus is somehow different from religion comes across as bigoted and intolerant. If being a religion somehow indicates that it's unlikely to be true then of course every religion wouldn't want to be called one anymore.

Christians seem to sense that the religion boat is sinking in the rising tide of reason and critical thinking so they want off. Religion doesn't get the point across anymore so they want people to know that they're better than religion.

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the review
what i just meant by jesus, and not religion was that i was just saying the story of who jesus is as a person.
and you're right, it's up for that person to choose what to believe :)

Beautiful story! The animation was smooth, the voice acting was fitting for a narrative. It made me feel like I was listening to one of those "Stories with a Moral" And the message was subtly captivating, from beginning to end, you must watch it from beginning to end to catch the full message which keeps the Audience watching.
Overall it's masterpiece well presented. 5/5 and 5Stars

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :D

WOW!!!! moved me to tears this is well the best valentines narrative ever, the voice acting wasn't bad it really reflected the story

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)

it was good and there was a nice story too it. at first i didnt know you were talking about Jesus but i find it cool that you did.

nice work and keep on shareing your faith. :D

exninja123 responds:

haha, thanks! :)