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Reviews for "Dear, Princess"

tried not to cry but i think it rained in my pants o.o

exninja123 responds:

lol, sorry about your pants.
thankd for the rating! :)

This story touched my soul and heart and reached it to the bottom of my felling and I started to cry of love. Happy Valentine Day!

exninja123 responds:

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :D

if i was a girl id like it.but i do have an emotional side so it was good

exninja123 responds:

lol, thanks! :)

Despite me not being a religious person, I found myself captivated with this story. As I watched it, I did start picking up hints of it not actually being about romantic kind of love, so the disclaimer in the description is nice.

Starting from the obvious, the animation and art are pretty good, but nothing spectacular. The music is very nice, and the voice acting might use a bit more practice; seeing as you're not very used to this though, it was good I guess. :)

But the story itself is what is important. I love the way you imported a quite of Christ from the Bible to a literal manifestation of the door that lets someone into your life. I love the way you used the description of Him as the description of love; even if I may not believe it, I understand the message of love you're trying to bring to us, and it is a very beautiful message.

Overall, 8/10 - the little that lacked in animation and voice acting you compensated with wonderful storytelling. :)

exninja123 responds:

thanks a lot! :D

I thought that this was a really well thought out and designed flash animation. I caught on to the religious tone fairly early on and, even though I am not a very religious person, I enjoyed the animation thoroughly. If you aren't religious you can just take the story at face value, without looking into any of it's deeper meanings, and still enjoy it to it's fullest. I really liked that this story could be looked at from both of those perspectives.

The voice acting was pretty good regarding the tone and the pacing of your dialogue. I did notice, however, some slightly distracting mistakes in your wording. To cite an example, you said something to the effect of "she opened the letter. it wrote:...", in this sentence, however, it would be incorrect to say that "it wrote...." - it should have been "it read....". Aside from the wrote, there were just a few minor mistakes of the same nature throughout. They were a bit distracting, but not nearly enough to deter me from giving this a good rating and taking a sense of satisfaction out of this animation.

I thought that your art style was very nice. I liked how you kept the Princess' looks concealed until she finally had her epiphany - in addition, as an anime nerd, I liked the pink hair color - just a personal thing.

The music was good, and it flowed well with the story. I believe you used a song from Kingdom Hearts for the ending, and I must say it was pretty well placed.

Overall I'm giving this animation a 5/5. You did very well to get your second flash submission on newgrounds front paged. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing more of your submissions!

exninja123 responds:

thanks!!! :D