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Reviews for "Dear, Princess"

The message wasn't cleared at first but then I understood it, because I was like... I thought it was about love but you see a guy in one of the "seven Princes" and then I was like... infactuation maybe? Then I realize it was about THE Prince... which thanks to religion class as a child I remember that it meant Jesus Christ.

The art was simple yet very beautiful, which I liked (simple colors can be easy on the eyes and mind)

Voice acting, needs to be worked on a little it was all to quiet and it didn't had really much of an impact when speaking. I understand the voice has to be calm and not to emotional for this but it was really way to calm. Even if your voice is very smoothing it didn't help me picture the situation better.

Choice of music? Honestly I love every single Kingdom Hearts music... (my favorite game of all time btw) and I thought it fitted perfectly onto this.

So overall this is a 4/5, message was unclear at first and voice acting needs some improvements but the art style was beautiful.

Off-Topic: I'm surprised my account still works it's been like a year since I last logged on, so ya I logged on just to review this.

exninja123 responds:

wow, thanks! :)

guys, really, who cares about hte message behind it? If you like it, accept it. If you don't, just ignore it

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :D

That was really good. Until I learned what it was about. then it was slightly lees good for some reason.... ot maybe it wasn't maybe it was as good. but it doesn't feel like it was, but maybe it was, but maybe it wasn't.... Sorry but I don't think it was.... I guess I'm just a romantic and not very religious.... can I give you five stars for animation, voice acting, presentation, story telling, and the us of kingdom hearts music? SURE I CAN!

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)

It was nice and very sweet, but then I realized it was about Jesus. Thanks for trying to trick people into Christianity.

exninja123 responds:

thanks for posting a review! :)

Enjoyed the story, but I should be able to enjoy it without the authors comments, and I did.

What you did after was try to push your personal views out on everyone and try to have their mindset and thought process to be the same as yours.

Worst part is it looks like you only decided to do this once it became popular. Kind of like how companeis offer you a good deal to sign up then rope you in for the part you don't like after.

Yes, I compare you to marketing.

exninja123 responds:

thanks for the review :)
but actually, i posted way before it went on frontpage (i posted it for those who told me they didn't understand the story)