Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

another great game of cuboy's adventure sir's, i am looking forward to the next installment of cuboy's adventure and possibly some more cuboy movies.

(-also to anyone who needs help with the ninja outfit and the tune to get the plans -)
to get the ninja outfit ask the theif to make you the best theif in a 5 mile radius and he will give you the ninja outfit

and for the whistle notes the statue order is - purple, yellow, black, green, orange, white (if you wander around the city also you will find clues of the order of the tune aswell)

hope ^ these help you

Awesome game, loved the humor (although alot of it was a little too British for my taste) the puzzles made you think, but they weren't too difficult, and the mini-games made for a nice change of pace. My only complaint is that more often than not I had NPC's standing in doorways where I wanted to go, and would end up having to wait 5 minutes for them to move, but it's a small gripe. Great game!

EdibleCastle responds:

yeah that can get a bit annoying at times

WOW it was a long time for the second part to come out. before this my father die and he liked the game very much now DAD! im playing the second part for you :D thanks man for this great game XD

EdibleCastle responds:

Oh man sorry to hear bout your pa. I hope it brought fond memories.

LMAO bumbing uglies!!

I think its fun and p.s I think you should give him the ax handle.