Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

awesome played ito n kong like a couple weeks ago....like hwne i sa wit their i was like "HOLY FREE HOLY JESUS" then i played...then loved it

This is the ultimate game starring the ultimate hero...Cuboy! It's fun to play, the plot is appropriately bizarre and witty, and it both looks and sounds amazing. Obviously a lot of work went into this, and it shows. The silliness factor is basically off the charts, and I love the spoken dialogue! David Firth as Hades was simply an inspired choice, and huge kudos to everyone involved for creating such an entertaining and polished point 'n click.

I have played the game through twice, and I have experienced issues with the medals like most other users are reporting here. The first time through I only got two (Ram Buster & Ram God) before I somehow stopped earning them. This time I earned several more, but once I got the Nymphy Blessing secret medal I was again unable to earn the ones beyond that point. I played the game all in one sitting and never left it idling, so I don't know if that helps or not, but...good luck fixing the medal issues! Regardless of that, the game easily earns top marks. I'll be looking forward to the third chapter. :]

EdibleCastle responds:

Thanks so much for your kind words!

And thank you for the bug detail. I played the game on my personal account and also found some medals didn't appear in the end. I'll keep passing on info to Tom and hope you're not too disappointed about not having those medals!

Thanks for playing.

@Juiceman5555 You can increase your speed later on with the Satyr outfit.

This was a great game!

What an awesome game with smart humor that can cater to everyone, the game is as always, A-MA-ZING.
The characters are lovable and the minigames maybe sometimes slightly difficult but none the less FUN.
Some of the cutscenes are hilarious with the cardboard cut outs on a lollipop stick with voice overs.
I especially like the outfits. Also the secret code that allows you to wear outfits of every character in the game, like you can have the outfit of Hades, or I think you can have one of tom flup if you wan't to know the passcode you can find it in Hades's room to the right of the sign that says "Hades room" it will say " type ******'* , I'm not telling you the code though because that would be cheating.

I love it when cuboy and herc were training! it's hiarious! it looked like herc was humping cuboy!