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Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

Kind of wish I knew how to play. 5 stars because everyone else is doing it.

EdibleCastle responds:

what an awful reason for giving 5 stars

Well played Cuboy, well played! I'm really fond of all things Cuboy: this game only confirms why! Voice acting is par-excellence! And as always, the cubeture is true to form: cubetastic!

Hint/slap-down for people who are tone deaf: Knock knock. Are you paying attention? Not only is it a tone door, but it is also a colour combination...

About those medals, I love collecting medals, but playing Cuboy far outranks collecting medals!!, but...
If I play for a few minutes, medals do stop working - almost like the connection is timing-out way too fast. But if a play for a few screens, then reload the webpage, then play a little more, reload, etc, I did manage to get most of the medals... no idea on that last secret medal :p
You can get the Cuboy Knievel medal from the minigames menu... simply reload the webpage, go straight to the minigame, and spin that Cuboy around... if it doesn't work, reload, try again. (Silly me thought I had to replay the game to play that minigame again! Maybe I just wanted to revel in the glory of the Cuboy again!?! However this does mean second time around, by reloading the page every so often, I was able to get most of the medals).

And lastly... wait, I can print Cutoys?!? Printing now...

EdibleCastle responds:

and if you want the chance to win a free soundtrack of the game. take a video or picture of that printed cutoy and send it to us. details: ediblecastle.com/bttc2ostcomp/

I love it.
I managed to collect many medals, but the one with the fat poet isn't working.

Loved the game guys. Funny and entertaining and perfect for an insoniac to while away the dark early hours :) I also had the medals issue, got the Ultimate friend and Rambuster but none of the others. I didn't reload the page at any time whilst I played but probably left it idle a few times for a couple of minutes and checked out other open tabs in my browser (Firefox). After I finished playing I remembered I should rate it and got a server error message asking me to reload the page. Hope that helps you locate the bug. But it doesn't matter, it was a fun game to play medals or no.

EdibleCastle responds:

Thanks man!

Awesome Jokes...
Best thing about this game is the dialog.

EdibleCastle responds:

Best thing about your name is the 07P