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Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

So, what the hint tells you to do about the sword only works in a certain costume. Seriously? How nice to not give any sort of clue regarding that bit of complete randomness. That's 25% off my rating right there...

Maybe it's because I'm coming to it later in the game than the walkthrough would suggest that I even was in a wrong costume, but my goodness am I glad I stumbled on the answer by sheer luck before starting over without finishing once. Seeing as I'm going to have to do it anyway to get all medals...

This is such a great game! Here have an excitement seed peasant! :)

Only show's me the mouse and white screen :(

could you please make another Cubeture, prefferably one in the middle ages, because you could make it a Cuboy RPG, please?

spiting babys while waiting wow