Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

Its funny

EdibleCastle responds:

Thank you

Finally! I've been waiting for this ever since I played through the first game. This was even better than the first. Loved all the mini-games. The voice-acting was top-notch and the dialogue was hilarious. I still think my favorite part is the soundtrack. Absolutely brilliant stuff. I especially liked the music during the ship battle and the Z-Diddy rap section. Totally going to download it.

Can't wait for part III!

Great Game didn't feel like a flash game but more of an actual game just shortened!

It was a story that just kept me playing since Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture 1 I have always wanted a second but just 1 flaw in the story line, In the first episode when they used the time warper was activated all people got sucked into it but in the second one only Padrino did but it was still a cool ending.

Soundtrack: 9/10
At first I didn't like it, but soon it grew on me and it was one of my major motives to play!

Same as the last one but the minigames controls aren't all about "Press space to do almost everything which I liked.

Minigames: 11/10
That's right I loved them, they were enthralling and the right level of difficult, which not many games get right which is why it got 11/10!

Overall game:10/10
I didn't get bored at all and I have a very short attention span you should definitely do more Cuboy games, and I don't mean minigames like FaceButt! games like this that take effort to finish!

Valeforce, over and out.

Ok its an awesome game, but i got stuck... i got the armored pants and i have to trade them in on the market, but they wont let me in on the city... so wtf am i gonna do?

EdibleCastle responds:

If one path is blocked, there must be another somewhere!