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Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

This is one of the BEST games I've plaid my whole life, the humor is quite good, the puzzle solving, the excitement! the whole Cuboy franchise is a masterpiece! even the animated episodes of Cuboy! the only thing that saddens me very much is that For some unknown reason Cuboy is not very known :(
so there isn't much content about him, and what's even worse, there's no Back to the Cubeture 3 - which had to be the end of this trilogy game, we are left here, with no end, in a limbo.
I hope one day they will do a cickstarter to fund Cubeture 3 , I will donate for sure.

cuboy indeed the ultimate friends who else can befriend hades?

Cuboy!The Ultimate friend!

I think its fun and p.s I think you should give him the ax handle.

It's A Fun Game And I Know How To Do It But The Capture the Flag Is Very Annoying The Cat And the Boss Are Not Good ;)