Reviews for "Cuboy: Cubeture 2"

lol the slow boat ride in hell

EdibleCastle responds:

hope it was slow enough for you!

the comedy is spot on.i barely started playing, but i just know this game is going to be epic.

EdibleCastle responds:

YOU'RE spot on. you're on all the spots, seriously, I've seen you

A great game like the previous one! I played a lot of times, to get all medals.
For the ones having trouble with some medals... most of the "hard" ones involves outfits.
*Ram God: Must have Ram God Outfit. Make it in the very beginning of the game, after scaring the Ram. Join horns and wool, and talk to the person in front of the house using that outfit.
*Child Hater: Scare Rufus with the First then second option.
*Nymph Blessing and Curse: After making the complete flyer, talk with the Nymph. Be bold with her; you'll be blessed. Be rude with her; you'll be cursed. You'll need redo the entire story till this point to get them both.
And a suggestion to the creator: Axe+Tree results in Wood. And this also results in... CREEPERS!!

LMAO bumbing uglies!!

Amazing game as always. Hopefully the next one doesn't come out in three years but sooner! Does anyone know how you get the last secret medal?