Reviews for "The turtle killed the sun"

I've watched this animation a zillion times and I still love it. It's simply perfect.


Nice animation.... but seriously... what the FUCK did I just watch??

I don't get it.....The sun still lives.......


OK so here was a pretty nifty toon, it has style, and was pretty fantastic with everything that was showed and such, i really got hooked on this for everything you brought to the flash, so that alone i thank you for a nice entry here. So now with that out of the way, a big congrats for getting this front paged, theres never anything wrong with that and is always on the plus side, I like the theme here, it took a little twist but i still enjoyed it for everything that was going on and was pretty fantastic flash if you ask me, the characters were cool and nifty, the whole flash was pretty good i thought, There was alot of strange happenings in this so it had a big random feel but thats also what made it more unique for me, i think you should keep more of that up, But anyways as this review comes to a close, i would like to take this time to say this was pretty good and in some ways a bit unique those are things you dont see all the time, but with that said hope to see more of your work especially if its like this, but anyways great job on this one.

What can i say or even suggest to improve on this, not sure i have anything to suggest as you coverd all the basics, you even threw in some extras to make it unique, but i must say there is always room for some kind of improvment. Put more random and more of that interesting animating, thats about all i got lol, anyways nice work here.

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