Reviews for "The turtle killed the sun"

What a nice little animation you have here.

I thought it was awesome. Keep up the good work!


Don't recall doing acid today. Very nice animation by the way. The music fits nicely as well.

i fucking love you. seriously ive been a fan of your animations for ever. your animations have always been fucking awesome and epic frame by frame work. im just so blown away by this one how smooth your life work suddenly got. everything is so smooth and even sexier. i also loved all the character design. the giraffe was the best and made me lol so much
seriously super fucking epic work as always. i fucking love you.

golfinho responds:

are u cool, u should do animatiopn.

As the deliriously light-hearted music from the beginning suggests, that was just another normal day in the kingdom of imagination. Take it or leave it.

the image above the play button made me sad
it made me remember about the artivle i readt
about those turtles