Reviews for "Alien's Quest"

Sweet and simple point-and-click. The style worked well and everything went smoothly. Could have been a little longer with slightly more challenging puzzles, but that's just me.

This was a pretty charismatic point-n-click game,i loved the cute little green alien in it and the way he makes mischief during his escape from the FBI,the animation looked great and the colors were quite vibrant i also got a few laughs along the way and even though the game wasn't too long or challenging i still enjoyed it very much with the time i gave to it,keep up the great work. :)

Very short but its fun!

My babe 3 years and she plays this game again and again

A little basic in the point and click stakes, but still passable. Nothing really new and inventive enough to really get me into the game and want to play it more than once, if I'm entirely honest with you here.

I see that on release, there were eight medals, yet after one play through, I see that you've disabled the medals "Candy" and "Dynamite", which took some of the reasoning for playing away. Still, it was still worth playing the once.

The sounds were a little on the basic side, without much in the way of editing, to get it to all fit together, which as a shame. I feel that you could give us a more comprehensive game if you took a little more time to get things like that right about it and perhaps even considered taking items from other screens to complete puzzles in later areas.

When the Alien returns to space, there was a minor bug when the cockroach stayed behind - as the rocket leaves shot, the roach reappears where he starts that screen. Just one little niggle that I feel need addressing.

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