Reviews for "Alien's Quest"

Super cute,but I agree that it's far too short, and it's not that imaginative because the main character looks like a knock off of blue from imaginary friends.

Amazing game, I love it's witty humor (Like him doing epic parkour jumps onto the front of mini-buses ap-ROACH-ing -sorry, perfect opportunity- from behind, stealing money and falling out of a tree for it, and the first guard's EPIC FOOTBALL IS MAGIC FACE!!)
Only a few things to point out here-
The arrow to me looked like a previous puzzle button (Admittedly, yes, I know you're not supposed to have those buttons, but I thought it was one of them for some crazy reason), it would help massively if you were to label it main menu or something like that.
If you accidentally click that button, you have to start over.I would highly advise that you should add an automatic save feature in an all new options menu with sound effect and music alteration (Loudness also).Thank you for your time, and well done making it, it's a great game!

Far too short.

Cute... but far too short and far too easy.

Short and cute- Nice work :)