Reviews for "Alien's Quest"

Funny game ^.^ I enjoyed playing this game. Point'n'Click games are just awesome graphics and the main story are on good level. It's quick to pass and the medals are not so demanding. Good Game.

Pretty good game, although the main character is a palette swap of Bloo.

Not bad at all! It's no Journey of Reemus or Riddle's School, but this game has plenty of room to grow. The simple art style had a charm to it, and the puzzles were creative and numerous. I will say though, some of the puzzles were maybe too creative, and became illogical. "How on Earth do I get around that guard dog? Oh... I just click on it... that's kind of lame..." What clever trick should I use to distract the guard? Oh, I just click on him... kinda boring. That's not how I would react if a roach flew into my face." It's also a bit too easy, which is very hard to gauge with puzzle games I know, but the difficulty level made it to short. I feel like you went with a quantity over quality approach, making many OK puzzles instead of a few very good puzzles. I like it, but up the ante on the sequel.

The "alien" looks like a green version of bloo from imaginary friends only more dumber.

Enjoyed that game :) Funny and very cute drawings !