Reviews for "Alien's Quest"

it is a awesome game but it is to easy.
just now while i was playing the alien looks just like blue from fosters home for imaginary friends.
one more thing is that i would like to get get hit by a car or by a bus to travel to places to D: oh well
you don't have to but next game you should make a game like this but a little or more harder if you want to.
good game

that cool but easy
game 10
difficulty 0
gameplay 2
total note 4,5

I`m not the first and not the last, who said and will say that this is BLUE :D but a bit green! Anyway, nice animation, a bit funny and way too easy :) make some challenge next time

I agree with the other comments that it's to short, but at least I got all the medals!

Good, but a little short. THe main character is Bloo from Foster's Mansion, that's ok if you made it to look like him, but he moves in the same way too so it makes it the same