Reviews for "Sputniks"

aaaaaawwww cute

1 of them should of said sh*t.......

The sputniks kinda looks like the nommies from cut the rope!

Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! nice but i couldnt here some of the dialouge. mabye its juust my computer...

ACFan120onNewgrounds responds:

I tried to keep the audio at equal levels. I might have missed a line or two. Or maybe not.

The animation was ok. i havn't seen your other Sputniks videos, so perhaps there were some inside jokes that I just missed, but it felt like a lot of the jokes were falling flat. I also noticed a few Videogame referential jokes, but they weren't delivered well on account of the audio quality. Now, this all said I still liked it. Not all of the jokes fell flat, just enough to be memorable, the telegram from space, and the hipsters comment were very good. I think with some better audio, and maybe more of your own jokes and less Videogame memes this could be a great series.
Oh, and one more thing. The but destroying earth was weird. It wasn't presented as well as it could have been. Having the characters just accept it didn't mesh with the characters themselves. Other than Bacon the characters seem rather intelligent, all capable of playing the straight man when necessary. I believe the reactions should have been more extreme.
Well, if you read this far I commend you. I have a habit of rambling, hell I am doing it right now...