Reviews for "The Last Angel"

i guess if you ever make a sequel you could explain why this guys house was falling from nowhere :D the only complaint i have is your last boss's difficulty spike. otherwise. truly brilliant game :D an upgrade system would have been interesting in this one.

This was a lot of fun, it gets kinda hard later on too.

All i know is i'm drunk as fuck and i had fun. Ha!

I loved how the game taught me how to play, and how concepts were applied over time into a great learning curve that made me feel tactical as I combined knowledge and topics I learned previous to help me venture onward. My one complaint is that picking up the sheep feels like it should be done with a different button other then the attack one. I constantly was trying to drop the sheep to swing at some oncoming birds but was thwarted by the fluffy bastard.

The game is fine, but it's frustrating without any sort of save feature. Sometimes I'll accidentally go to the menu screen and I'll have to start from scratch.