Reviews for "The Last Angel"

All i know is i'm drunk as fuck and i had fun. Ha!

Compared to the second to last boss, the last boss was easier...
It's a short game, and fairly fun.
I did not like how the sheep dropped whenever something hit you, but it did make the game more difficult.
The background music was good, and the animation style wasn't bad.
The lack of story, either a before or after, did make the game feel abit lacking.

i guess if you ever make a sequel you could explain why this guys house was falling from nowhere :D the only complaint i have is your last boss's difficulty spike. otherwise. truly brilliant game :D an upgrade system would have been interesting in this one.

I.. have no idea what this is. I'm sorry but I don't get it.

At first I'm like: oh wow this could be an amazing art game about some sophisticated means with which heaven and hell have been fighting and the symbolism and metaphor behind average looking people being considered or behaving as angels or something..

Then I'm fighting birds for some reason.. with a buster sword like it's final fantasy 7 or something. Then I'm pickin up sheep and using them like it's the kamehameha from dragon ball z or something..

I have no idea what this game is trying to be, but interesting is definitely not it.

Jhomas responds:

While the themes could be taken very seriously, the game was intended to be slightly more light-hearted than that. I tried to focus on the game play more than the overarching story, so that the players could fill in the gaps with their imagination.

If you decide to come back to the game, the second level definitely a bit more than just fighting birds, as is the final boss. Thanks for the review (ps, not supposed to look like a buster sword, my bad art skills just make it so lol)

God Game ;D