Reviews for "The Last Angel"

I like how "retro" it looks (meaning pixelated). However, like some people have mentioned, I understood the general gist of the story line, but a little elaboration would've helped. This probably wasn't a problem for everybody, but my game more or less froze / broke once I "fell into Hell." Good game otherwise!

The story, as little as it is, was well inserted. The gameplay is intuitive and the graphism is colorful and well done. Music is adapted and the time used is too short for us to be bored by it. Liked it ^^

its great!!

After completing the game, I only noticed that the final boss seems to be almost unforgiven as the black flying... things almost match the background at the last boss, making it too hard to even dodge them when you cant see them.

Cool game and real fun but jeeze the lava boss dude is fuckin hard. I always manage to get his stonehands broken but thats about it because after that i die to the stream of ghosts from the sides while he punches me without me even hitting him -.-
Maybe thats just me because ive clearly seen a few ppl beat this game. But damn