Reviews for "The Last Angel"

Always good entertainment.

There needs to be a level select or at least a continue game option. When I accidentally clicked back to title after dying I had to start the whole game over.

Here's a hint, guys. You can hold down the mouse button and fly off the screen. That way you can regenerate without worrying about getting hurt.

..... i don't understand what it is i destroyed at the end <.> but it is a good game

I liked the game a decent amount. The flying mechanic with picking up the sheep was a interesting twist on the whole side scroller flying battle. Nice simple concept. My main complaints is that you don't get upgrades or different attacks besides missle attack from the sheep and sword swipe. Some upgrades would have been nice and changed things up a bit. Also it was too easy to grab the sheep, when fighting birds near the sheep I kept grabbing it and taking damage since the sheep requires charge up to use. It was annoying since the enemies fly that low on the screen.
It would have been better if you had to use space bar to not only drop the sheep but also pick up the sheep.

Overall good game, nice graphics and good sounds.

I dropeded the seep in lake for nothing to do.